The Iowa Paralegal Association (IPA)


The Iowa Paralegal Association (IPA) was formed in 1987 when the Iowa Legal Assistants Association and Paralegals of Iowa Ltd. Merged. These predecessor assocations had been serving the needs of Iowa’s paralegals since 1981. IPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the legal profession and the status of paralegals throughout the State of Iowa.

IPA vigorously works to encourage and maintain high ethical and professional standards. IPA became associated with the National Association of Legal Assistants.Paralegals in 1998. Through this association, IPA is able to offer the benefits of national activities in addition to those on the state and local levels.

The objects and purposes of IPA are:

  1. To establish good fellowship among the IPA members, NALA, other professional associations, and members of the legal community.
  2. To encourage a high order of ethical and professional attainment.
  3. To further education among members of the profession.
  4. To cooperate with bar association and attorney organizations.
  5. To support and carry out the programs, purposes, aims, and goals of NALA.
  6. To promote the growth and prosperity of the paralegal profession.